At our company grounds, consisting of eleven hectares of fields and greenhouses, an annual number of 800,000 plants are being nursed with great care. The only method used is the container cultivating technique. Our plants mostly vary between the following container sizes: C1.3, C3, C5, C6.5 and C10.

Containerteelt Elst-Bevers B.V. can be seen as one of the foremost specialist when it comes to the nursing of prunus and deciduous shrub species due to our ability to supply these plants year round, without having to bend to the will of the seasons. (kan ook: without being effected by the seasonal changes) With over one hundred different species of plants with various container sizes, Containerteelt Elst-Bevers possesses a unique supply capacity.

You can find an updated overview of our catalogue below. Companies can contact us in order to receive a quotation for the products listed in the catalogue.

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