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The history of Containerteelt Elst-Bevers B.V.

Maarten en Melanie

With over thirty years of experience, containerteelt Elst-Bevers has grown into a household name within the agricultural-green sector regarding their speciality in growing the various prunus and shrub species.

Maarten en Melanie

In 1984, Corné and Magda Elst-Bevers planted their first garden plants which were destined for sale. Fast forward to thirty years later, these plants have allowed their company to grow into an eleven hectares big cultivation field, consisting of nine hectares of field and two hectares of greenhouses.

On the first of July 2020, their daughter named Melanie and her husband Maarten Verdaasdonk followed in Corné and Magda’s footsteps. From that moment on, the two youngsters started their careers as general managers and with that, took over all of Corné’s work activities. Would you like to know more about the historic growth of Containerteelt Elst-Bevers? Take a look at the timeline below.



The journey of Containerteelt


In 1984, Corné and Magda Elst-Bevers started their nursery, consisting of open-ground plants destined for sale to other plant nurseries on a contract basis.

In 1990, the company started using the container cultivating techniques, the plants that were nursed using this new method were destined for sale on the open market.

In 1993, a container cultivating field was placed. The first step was to level the ground.


In 1995, the first greenhouse was placed. Its purpose was to enable the company to supply a steady amount of plants throughout the year. The greenhouse had a surface of around 2000 m2.

In 1999, the company produced their first own photo-label. The label was attached to the plants, which made our brand of plants easy to recognise. These photo-labels contain basic information about the plants, for example, what is needed to take good care of them.
In order to keep up with the great demand for our fine plants, in 2001, the greenhouse was expanded. At this time, around 3500 m2 of greenhouse was added. In addition to the greenhouse expansion, a building was added to the structures in order to facilitate the nursery and transportation of the products.

In 2003, the greenhouse was expanded ever further. In addition to this, a cooling installation was installed, enabling the safe storage of various plants.

In 2004, an existing building was bought. Also, around three hectares of surrounding land was acquired. These grounds were converted into container cultivating fields.
In 2005, a greenhouse of around 3600 m2 was placed directly next to the building which was acquired in 2004. In addition to this, a watering cart was bought. This cart made it easier for our team to adequately water the plants. Areal shot of the company as it was in 2005.
Also, the photo-labels got a make-over.
In 2010, the greenhouse placed in 2005 was expanded. The newly added greenhouse’s surface was about 5200 m2.
In 2011, Containerteelt Elst-Bevers expanded their infrastructure with the adding of a big water basin. The water basin enabled the company to store vast amounts of rain water which could later be used to adequately supply the watering stations with all naturally collected water.

In 2015, Containerteelt Elst-Bevers focussed on attaining various certifications regarding traceability, environment, safety and hygienics in the horticulture sector. We are still very proud of attaining the MPS-GAP and GlobalGab certificates.
Also, in 2015, the photo-labels were revised and got another make-over.
In addition to these events, Containerteelt Elst-Bevers took efforts to include themselves into a new initiative: Green Trading Zundert. This initiative facilitates the business open house days of various local entrepreneurs in the municipality of Zundert. During these open house days, which are held within a 14-day period, various companies present and display their complete catalogue. These open house days can help to create a complete overview of all the different nurseries and their catalogues within a short period of time.
In 2017, Containerteelt Elst-Bevers invests in the project called ‘sustainable employability’. In the thirty years before, the company has acquired a strong position within the market in which they operate. One of the reasons this was possible was the great level of involvement of our employees. Our goal here is to, with the help of this project, continue the positive flow which we are in.
Another small hectare of land is added to the companies’ grounds.
The first introduction of Buddleja davidii Magda’s Gold Knight has taken place and the application for a licence for ownership of this new species was sent out. In the spring, the leaves of this buddleja will colour bright yellow with a green stripe in the middle. With the passing of the season, the exposure to more sunlight will darken the leaves slightly.

On the first of July 2020, after 36 years of building his company, Corné Elst hands over its leadership to his daughter Melanie and her husband, Maarten Verdaasdonk. From this moment on, Containterteelt Elst-Bevers C.V. will be know as Containerteelt Elst-Bevers B.V..


On the first of July 2020, after 36 years of building his company, Corné Elst hands over its leadership to his daughter Melanie and her husband, Maarten Verdaasdonk. From this moment on, Containterteelt Elst-Bevers C.V. will be know as Containerteelt Elst-Bevers B.V..

Containerteelt Elst-Bevers B.V. and Schrieken Plant B.V. agree to a partnership. For more information on this company, visit www.schriekenplant.nl

After more than two years of testing in France, the licence of ownership of the Buddleja davidii Magda’s Gold Knight species was approved.

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